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Why is my Transmission fluid black?

 A: Your transmission color is one of the primary indicators of your transmission health/condition of your cars transmission. When the transmission fluid is black or dark brown which is indicative of a transmission unit that has possibly internal clutch damage.  As a transmission  is overheating  or  begins to have shifting issues the fluid  starts to lose its lubricating properties. This can start a downward spiral which, if its ignored, can cause a complete transmission failure and could leave you stranded. Usually, if your transmission fluid is black, the transmission is at the point of complete failure and will need to be checked ASAP. Call or stop by Eagle Transmission and Auto Repair of Plano TX. Our highly trained staff will be glad to assist you in determining what could be causing your transmission problem. We offer a free diagnostics. Transmission problems only get worst and become more costly. So if you think you have a transmission problem stop by today to get it check out.